Prehab (3) Adhesive Capsulitis: Posterior Capsule Stretch

Prehab (3) Adhesive Capsulitis: Posterior Capsule Stretch

Now I’ve stretched both my rotator cuff and my lats, is there anything else I should do?

After completing the two previous episodes in this series, you’ve now been able to stretch your internal rotators, external rotators, and lats. The last segment of our prehab series will now focus on stretching the posterior capsule of your shoulder. While it is common to have a posterior capsule stretch in a static stretching routine, many athletes perform this as more of a tricep stretch versus more posterior shoulder structures.

In order to perform a posterior capsule stretch you should:

1. Begin by flexing your focus arm to 90 degrees
2. Use your opposite arm to pull your wrist so that your arm is protracted (think of performing an extra extension at the end of a push-up)
3. From this position, pull your arm directly across your chest
4. Hold this end position for 15-30 seconds at a time
5. You should feel a stretch both by your shoulder blade and behind your shoulder

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