Training Entire Traps At Once

Training Entire Traps At Once

Need an efficient way to train your entire traps in one motion? Here is our favorite exercise!

Our previous posts gave individuals exercises that will optimally train each part of your traps because they have been proven to result in the most amount of muscle activation compared to other exercises. We recommend that when you are training your traps that you should incorporate each of these exercises to develop strength and balance in this large muscle. Nevertheless, these exercises are unilateral and can be time-consuming. For those of you that are on a time crunch in the gym but want to completely train your traps, here is your solution!

Rolling shoulder shrugs will help you hit your traps in one complete motion because it involves all of the individual motions of each part of the traps:

  • Retract shoulder blades to activate Middle and Lower
  • Maintain retraction
  • Shrug up to hit Upper
  • Slowly lower shoulders down

If you can’t implement all of our individual exercises, then make sure you work this exercise into your routine!

Featured Image By: Muscle & Performance

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