Neutral Spine

Neutral Spine

What is a neutral spine & why is it important?

A Neutral Spine occurs when the spine is in an optimal position and it has its natural curvature. This position is mostly achieved when standing upright and facing forward with good posture. Maintaining this neutrality during training is key because your body and muscles are in the strongest, most stable, and injury resistant position!

  • But, why is this the case?

    • The back and posterior shoulder muscles are at their optimal length (not too short and not too stretched), which results in optimal functionality

      • These muscles include trapezius and the upper, middle, and lower back muscles
    • The joints of the spine are in their natural position allowing them to help distribute compressive forces away from your discs

      • Increased pressure on your discs from a non-neutral spine results in an increased chance that they can be injured

Because of all the benefits of having a Neutral Spine, we want to ensure that we are maintaining it throughout our training.

Check out the first step in establishing and maintaining a neutral spine during training here!

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