Neutral Spine Step 1: Hip Hinge

Neutral Spine Step 1: Hip Hinge

How can I practice keeping a neutral spine when training?

One of the best ways to teach yourself how to maintain a neutral spine is by using a long pole or golf club. All you have to do is hold it in place in line with your spine and make sure that it is touching your tailbone, middle spine, and head just like in the video. It is ok if your cervical spine (neck) and lumbar spine (lower back) is not touching the stick because of the natural curve of the spine. Once the pole is in place, we will practice simple hip hinging, which will help you maintain this spine when deadlifting and squatting.

Sit down in a chair with the pole held in the proper place. Simply hinge at the hip or lean forward as if you are beginning to stand up, but do not actually stand up. While performing this motion, be sure to keep the pole in place.

  • Make sure to not arch your lower back
  • Make sure to keep your neck from bending forward or backwards

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Featured Image By: The Barbell Physio

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