Rehab Shoulder Instability: Phase Two

Rehab Shoulder Instability: Phase Two

I’ve gained back my full range of motion but I feel like my shoulder is still unstable, what’s next for me?

Our rehab protocol for shoulder instability (dislocation and/or subluxation) is divided into four phases based on what the goal of therapy is for certain points in time during an individual’s progression with the goal of returning back to sport. The second phase of our rehab protocol is focused on improving neuromuscular control of the muscles surrounding your shoulder (the rotator cuff musculature). Our favorite exercise in this phase of rehab is called Wall-Walks. Here’s how to perform this exercise:

  1. Obtain a lightweight theraband to begin with (can progress to higher resistance as tolerated)
  2. Place the theraband between your hands with your palms facing each other
  3. Place your hands vertically on the wall at shoulder width apart
  4. Move either hand outside of your shoulder width
  5. Move your body to reposition in line with the hand that moved
  6. Move the other hand back inside the new shoulder position
  7. Do this down the length of a wall and back
  8. This is 1 repetition

Perform 10 laps (down and back the wall) 2-3 times to promote an increase in neuromuscular control of your rotator cuff muscles and your scapular stabilizers (muscles around your shoulder blade).

Check out our next video to find out about the next phase in your rehab protocol!

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