Neutral Spine Step 3: Squats

Neutral Spine Step 3: Squats

Once I’ve got the sit to stands down, what’s my next progression?

Squatting seems like a simple motion, however, there are many ways to do it wrong that put our bodies at a higher risk for injury. Two deviations include:

  • Increased arching in the lower back
  • Leaning forward too much

These deviations put our spine at an increased risk for injury that is greatly increased when we put heavy loads on our back, especially when these loads exceed our body weight. Therefore, we need maintain a neutral spine while squatting. We can use the pole to maintain a neutral spine and help prevent these common deviations. Here’s how to do it:

  • Hold stick in place while standing
  • Slowly initiate squat
  • Stop squat when thighs are parallel to the floor
  • Return to standing position

Once you have a good handle on this motion with the stick you can remove it and start squatting without it.

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