Shoulder Instability Special Tests (1)

Shoulder Instability Special Tests (1)

I think I my shoulder came out of socket at practice yesterday but I’m not sure, how can I test the laxity of the joint?

There are a few special tests that can be done if you think you may have some shoulder instability. The first and easiest test to do is what’s called the Sulcus Sign. To perform this test:

  1. Simply sit on a bed/table with your arm hanging down by your side
  2. Have a parent, sibling, or roomate pull directly downwards on the humerus (upper arm) to provide an inferior traction (downwards) to the shoulder.
  3. If you notice a visible or palpable sulcus deformity (a step off from the AC joint to your humerus) you may have some inferior instability of your shoulder.

If you think that you had a positive sign for this (that you saw a Sulcus) check out our next video for additional special tests for Shoulder Instability.

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