Neutral Spine Step 4: Deadlifts

Neutral Spine Step 4: Deadlifts

How can I learn to keep a neutral spine when deadlifting?

Deadlifting seems like a simple motion, however, there are many deviations that put our bodies at a higher risk for injury. Here are two common deviations:

  • Increased rounding of the lower and middle back
  • Extension/hyperextension of spine at the end of the motion (leaning back to far)

These deviations put our spine in a potentially vulnerable position. The risk of injury is greatly increased when we put heavy loads on the bar, especially when these loads exceed our body weight. Therefore, we need maintain a neutral spine while deadlifting. We can use the stick to maintain prevent these common deviations and maintain a neutral spine:

  • Hold stick in place while bent over
  • Slowly initiate deadlift
  • Stop deadlift when standing upright

    • Don’t lean too far back
  • Return to bent over position

Once you have a good handle on this motion with the stick you can remove it and start deadlifting without it.

Please note that Amr has excessive lumbar lordosis and an anterior pelvic tilt in this video and is not maintaining his neutral spine.

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