Shoulder Instability Special Test (2)

Shoulder Instability Special Test (2)

I think the Sulcus sign was positive, what else can I do to locate where the instability is?

Two other tests that can be in addition to the Sulcus Sign test described previously are the Anterior & Posterior Apprehension Tests. In order to perform the anterior apprehension test:

  1. Lie down on a bed or table with your stomach facing up
  2. Have a helper take your affected shoulder into 90 degrees of shoulder abduction (laterally/straight out to the side) & elbow flexion 
  3. Slowly externally rotate the shoulder (bring back of your hand towards your head)

To perform the posterior apprehension test:

  1. Place the shoulder into 90 degrees of flexion & internal rotation (palm facing your feet)
  2. Have your helper apply a force through the humerus posteriorly

If you experience apprehension (feel as though your shoulder is slipping out of socket) in either of these movements, then you may have shoulder instability in either the anterior or posterior glenohumeral (front or back of the shoulder) capsule. 

If any of the Shoulder Instability tests were positive (you found a Sulcus sign or apprehension) check out our rehab series for this condition!

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