Are Your Abs Strong Enough?

Are Your Abs Strong Enough?

Try this simple test to find out if your abs are strong enough!

An easy way to test the strength of your abdominal muscles is by performing a bilateral straight leg raise while laying on your back. This action requires the activation of 2 main muscle groups that have an opposing effect on the pelvis:

  1. Abdominals

    • Contribute to a posterior pelvic tilt (rounding your lower back)
  2. Hip Flexor (Psoas Major & Rectus Femoris)

    • Contribute to an anterior pelvic tilt (arching your lower back)

Depending on the strength of your abdominals, your lower back will respond in 2 ways to the straight leg raise:

  1. Strong Abdominals = Flat lower back & stabilized pelvis
  2. Weak Abdominals = Arched lower back & anteriorly tilted pelvis

By using this simple test you can identify if your abdominals are weak. This weakness makes us more prone to low back pain because the chronically arched lower back results in increased compression on the joints of the spine.

If you determined that you have weak abdominals, then contact us today to get our full ab programming!


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