Scapular Connection

Scapular Connection

Do you know how your scapula connects to your body?

The Scapula, also known as the Shoulder Blade, only has two connections to other bones:

  • Humerus at the Glenohumeral (GH) Joint
  • Clavicle at the Acriomioclavicular (AC) Joint
shoulder joint

These connections are on the lateral side or outside of the scapula leaving the top, bottom, & middle of the scapula with no bony connections!

Let’s just take a step back & think about this. The scapula is essentially suspended in our body with only 2 bony connections, that are right next to each other! Thus, the rest of the scapula needs to be be connected to the body in another way. These connections come in the form of muscles that connect it to other bones.

It is important to note that bone to bone connections are more stable than muscle to bone connections. Nevertheless, muscle to bone connections sacrifice stability for mobility so that our upper bodies can perform all of the various actions & motions that we need to live!

In our future posts we will describe these various connections & the scapular motions associated with them. There are many muscles that connect to the scapula & most of them in a unique way, which results in lots different motions. In order for us to move properly we need to have healthy Scapular Connections! We can take it one step further and say that if we improve our scapular connection, then we can optimize movement resulting in better performances in the gym & in athletics!


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