Does magnesium supplementation help athletic performance?

Magnesium supplementation for athletes is very popular because it is believed to play an important role in muscle function. But does it actually? Let’s see what the research says!

A total of 14 clinical trials were analyzed & we determined that magnesium supplementation in athletes & physically active adults resulted in no significant changes in peak muscle torque, muscle strength, or muscle power. So, magnesium does not have a direct impact on muscle performance. However, it is an extremely important ion that has many other benefits that can indirectly benefit our training!

The largest benefit is from improved sleep quality & duration, which has been shown even in people with insomnia. Better sleep helps athletes to recover from training, which enables them to perform better the during the next training bout or event. Additionally, magnesium has strong evidence showing its role in the prevention & treatment of many common health conditions including migraine headache, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, asthma, premenstrual syndrome, preeclampsia, & various cardiac arrhythmias.

Bottom Line: Magnesium supplementation does not have a direct impact on muscle function, however, it plays an integral role in our overall health!


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