Rehab (1) Glenohumeral (Shoulder) Labral Tears: Phase One

Rehab (1) Glenohumeral (Shoulder) Labral Tears: Phase One

So, I’ve had a labral tear, what can I do to start the rehab process?

Our rehab protocol for labral tears is divided into four phases based on what the goal of therapy is for certain points in time during an individual’s progression with the goal of returning back to sport.

The first phase is focused on initiating the healing process, starting range of motion exercises, & decreasing pain/inflammation. In the first phase of labral tear recovery, our favorite exercise to promote range of motion & avoid capsular adhesions is called pendulum-swings. To perform this exercises:

  1. Stand next to a chair with your torso bent forward & your arm hanging in front of you
  2. Shift your torso in a motion such that your arm creates a circle with your hand

Note: It’s important that you do not use your shoulder to generate this motion, since we want range of motion to be either passive (not actively moving it with our muscles) or active assisted (using other muscle to move the arm) during this stage of rehab.

Check out our favorite rehab exercise for the next phase of labral tear recovery here!

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