Rehab ACL Tears: Phase 3

Rehab ACL Tears: Phase 3

I’m feeling stronger & want to do some single leg activities, what should I focus on?

Our rehab protocol for ACL tears is divided into six phases based on what the goal of therapy is for certain time points during an individual’s progression with the goal of returning back to sport.

The third phase is focused on isolating the recovering leg through various strength training techniques & single leg balance exercises after sufficient quadricep tone has been developed from the second phase. In the third phase of our ACL tear rehab protocol, our favorite exercise is a unilateral Romanian deadlift which combines elements of strength, balance, & motor control. In order to perform this exercise:

  1. Start in a standing position with your healthy leg flexed at the knee behind you & a slight bend in your recovering leg
  2. From this position, flex at the hip & bring your healthy leg back in a straight line with your back & head.
  3. A good goal would be to try and touch a pair of kettlebells or cones that are sitting on the ground with your hands before coming back up into the starting position.

This exercise can be made more difficult by using dumbbells, kettlebells, or different balancing platforms.

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