Post-Workout Glucose Window

Post-Workout Glucose Window

Why should you eat your favorite sugar-filled candy right after a workout?

When we train or play sports, the 1st energy source that our bodies use for fast acting energy is our glycogen stores. These stores come from carbs in our diet. Thus, having sufficient stores is essential for optimum performance during intense, prolonged exercise (marathon, soccer, basketball) & for anaerobic exercise (lifting weights). Due to the use of glycogen stores, post-exercise levels become extremely low. As a result, we need to restore them to their previous level so we can have sufficient energy for our next game or training bout!

What if we don’t adequately restore them?

  • Studies have shown that when the amount of carbs in a diet was not adequate during successive days of intense prolonged training, the result was a significant reduction in muscle glycogen stores & a deterioration in performance!

So, what is the best way to restore them?

  • We have a 20 minute post-training window when our bodies can replenish glycogen stores
  • Eating about 0.8g/kg of body weight was shown to be effective
  • The best source of carbs for this situation is fast digesting sugars found in most candy

Bottom Line:

  • Overall, we have a post-training window of 20 minutes to most effectively & efficiently replenish our glycogen stores. If these stores are not replenished by our next game or training bout, then our body is at a disadvantage & our performance will suffer. So, replenish your stores to perform optimally!


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