Rehab ACL Tears: Phase 4

Rehab ACL Tears: Phase 4

I’m feeling pretty strong & stable on one leg, how can I make this harder?

Our rehab protocol for ACL tears is divided into six phases based on what the goal of therapy is for certain time points during an individual’s progression with the goal of returning back to sport.

The fourth phase is focused on resisted lateral & multi-directional movements to train dynamic neuromuscular control as well as strength in multi-planar movements. In the fourth phase of our ACL rehab protocol, our favorite exercise is a resisted lateral step up with a broad hip flexion which combines strength, neuromuscular control, & dynamic balance. To perform this exercise:

  1. Place a looped resistance band around your ankles & find a step or platform that you can step up onto
  2. Turn your body so that you are stepping up laterally (to the side) onto the raise surface
  3. When you are on the raised surface, bring your opposite hip into a flexion/abducted position
  4. While performing the step up, keep your legs at shoulder width to maintain tension in the elastic band

This exercise can be made more difficult with higher resistance bands or by using higher platforms.

Check out our favorite exercise for phase five of our ACL rehab protocol.

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