Prehab (1) ACL Tears: Dynamic Stretching

Prehab (1) ACL Tears: Dynamic Stretching

How can I warm-up properly before practice to help prevent ACL tears?

The best preventative ACL programs are multifaceted incorporating a combination of strength, plyometrics, agility, balance, flexibility, & feedback components. Strength exercises should focus on using body weight or force production through sport specific movements, plyometric training should use repeated jumping from various obstacles or bounding variations, agility exercises should have a fast change of direction such as the pro-agility drill often used in professional combines, balance should have different variations to eliminate different body systems such as sight, & dynamic stretching should be performed. 

The first section of our ACL prehab is dynamic stretching in order to properly warm up our muscles & ensure that our joints & the bones around them are moving correctly. We want to make sure that we are avoiding static (standing still) stretching prior to sport, exercise, & training because it promotes joint laxity (looseness) that can have a negative effect on the ligaments that support the joints.

Our favorite dynamic stretching warm-up for ACL injuries are Quad Walks/Knee Lifts because they hit almost all of our major leg muscles while promoting proper joint movement for the knee.

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