Prehab (2) ACL Tears: Muscle Activation

Prehab (2) ACL Tears: Muscle Activation

So I’ve stretched out & I am ready for the next step, what else can I do before practice starts?

The best preventative ACL programs are multifaceted incorporating a combination of strength, plyometrics, agility, balance, flexibility, & feedback components. Strength exercises should focus on using body weight or force production through sport specific movements, plyometric training should use repeated jumping from various obstacles or bounding variations, agility exercises should have a fast change of direction such as the pro-agility drill often used in professional combines, balance should have different variations to eliminate different body systems such as sight, & dynamic stretching should be performed. 

The second portion of our ACL prehab series is focused on proper activation of your muscles before competitions or training. Now that we have proceeded past the dynamic stretching phase of our preworkout routine discussed in our previous video, we want to ensure that your muscles are responding properly to an external stimulus before you give maximum effort in your performance.

Our favorite exercise to accomplish this goal is called a fall-start. In order to perform:

  1. Stand up tall on a straight line either in the gym or on a field
  2. Fall forward until you feel as though you might hit the ground
  3. Plant your foot & sprint for 5-10 yards

This exercise is great for activating the muscles in your legs and can also be used for sprint training.

Check out our favorite strength exercise to reduce the likelihood of having an ACL tear here!

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