Prehab (4) ACL Tears: Plyometric Exercises

Prehab (4) ACL Tears: Plyometric Exercises

So I feel pretty confident with my strengthening exercises, what is a more advanced exercise I can do?

The best preventative ACL programs are multifaceted incorporating a combination of strength, plyometrics, agility, balance, flexibility, & feedback components. Strength exercises should focus on using body weight or force production through sport specific movements, plyometric training should use repeated jumping from various obstacles or bounding variations, agility exercises should have a fast change of direction such as the pro-agility drill often used in professional combines, balance should have different variations to eliminate different body systems such as sight, & dynamic stretching should be performed. 

The fourth section of our ACL prehab series is focused on plyometric exercises. In this portion of the workout plan, we want to focus on properly generating power & getting control over decelerating your extremities. This can be done in multiple different fashions but our goal is to make it as functional as possible for your given sport.

Our favorite plyometric exercises for ACL prevention programming are variations of single leg bounding. In order to perform this:

  1. Take 2 or 3 fast steps (sprint steps)
  2. Jump off of one leg at a time & catch yourself on the opposite leg
  3. This can be done by consecutively bounding off of your right or left leg, or by alternating such that you would bound twice on your right leg & twice on our left

Our favorite variation of single leg bounding that is shown in this video includes bounding on each leg consecutively 3 times & landing in a squat/power stance at the end to gain deceleration/eccentric control.

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